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Communication tools for a better patient experience

Engage with your patients at every step of their care journey. Increase your reach with remote visits via Semble Telehealth.

Semble Telehealth

Provide a unique remote experience to your patients. Semble Telehealth is secure and easy to set up and use. It is fully integrated into Semble and allows you to provide a more flexible service to your patients. Easy for patients and clinical teams. No downloads required.

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Increase your patient reach

65% of our customers use Semble Telehealth to
enhance their patient experience.



Let patients book and pay for a telehealth visit straight from your website.



Join your appointments with one click from your calendar. Keep a full view of Semble during the visit.



Send e-prescriptions (or medications), lab tests, letters, etc. straight to patients.

Emails and SMS

Bring greater flexibility and ease to patient communications with configurable SMS and email templates. Send one-off messages as well as appointment confirmations and reminders with in-built scheduling. 

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Patient dashboard

Share notes, results, letters and other documents securely with your patients. Patients access their information via Semble Patient Portal with two factor authentication.

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Hannah Brinning, eXroid

"We are so excited about
e-prescriptions, imagine saying to our patients we will sort everything out for you!"



Greg McMahon, Circulation Clinic

“Semble Telehealth couldn't be more straightforward. Our patients enjoy the flexibility of being able to see the consultant from wherever they are!”

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Connect to more patients today