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Automate the booking process.

Reduce your administrative burden and save precious hours. Reduce no-shows with automatic confirmations and reminders.

Online booking

Allow patients to book and pay online. Add one line of code to your website and your entire online booking system, from appointment selection to email reminders, is ready to go.

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Reduce no-shows by 60% with online booking

Improve your practice's profitability and reduce the cost of missed consultations thanks to automatic confirmations, reminders, and the ability to manage patients with a history of no-shows.

Appointment management

Manage appointments, down to room levels. Manage booking enquiries, easily rebook patients and track your patients’ journey. Confirmation emails and SMS reminders are automatically triggered with new bookings or changes in appointments.



Say goodbye to typing up handwritten, sometimes hard to read, questionnaires. Design multiple questionnaires depending on appointment types and allow your patients to fill them in online. These forms will automatically pre-populate patient files.

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Want to change your clinic experience?