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Run your clinic from anywhere

Telehealth with Heydoc

Provide a unique remote experience to your patients

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Easy access to care


Online booking

Take online bookings with automated confirmations and reminders. You can also take payment at this time, when the patient books online, to reduce the financial impact of no-shows.


Pre-consultation forms

Submit patient pre-consultation forms online to gather all the required information ahead of the consultation.


Public API

Use our public API to integrate your solution if you want to design a specific patient journey or personalise the front end.


Seamless remote consultation

  • A unique online experience

    Our video integration allows you to navigate Heydoc, while always seeing your patient and retrieving information instantly. Write notes and create e-prescriptions while speaking with your patient.

  • Engage with your patients

    You can share your screen, switch the camera on or off and choose to invite more participants.

After the consultation


Tests and prescriptions

Order remote tests sent straight to the patient with our pathology integration. Send prescriptions securely to one of our partner pharmacies, who will send the medication to your patient.



Generate invoices and take payment instantly, whether at time of booking or after the consultation.


Patient dashboard

Share any medical data (notes, results, letters, etc.) with your patient via our patient dashboard.


Secure communication

  • Built for secure remote access

    Our stringent security practices are built from the ground up for remote access on the AWS Cloud platform.
  • Encryption and advanced firewalls

    All our telehealth features such as video consultations, patient dashboard and documents sharing, feature security measures such as robust encryption of data both at rest and in transit and advanced firewalls.

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Heydoc for clinicians

Heydoc for clinicians

Manage your patients’ medical data, prescribe, order and receive test results, share data securely.

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Heydoc for management

Heydoc for management

Manage your clinic’s revenues and track your performance. Manage access rights and monitor activity.

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Heydoc for Admins

Heydoc for Medical Secretaries

Manage schedules and appointments, process invoices, take payments and write letters.

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