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Improving the patient experience

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It is understandable when patients become anxious and concerned about their health, but these anxieties becomes detrimental to the health of the practice and employees when taken out on staff.

Often, negative patient feedback is a result of a lack of transparency at the patient's end, which can be caused simply due to the volume of patients looked after by a clinic.

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Patient dashboard

Through the patient profile page, Heydoc brings a unique level of transparency and personal care to treatment. Patients are able to see everything from their appointment bookings to the doctor’s notes and their test results. The online nature of bookings, appointments, and results make the whole process much slicker. This transparency and efficiency brings peace of mind, and patients feel that there is greater accessibility to their doctors.

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Online bookings   

With online bookings, patients can book appointments quickly and easily. Not only does this put reception staff to better use by alleviating time spent on the phone, but it also prevents frustration at long phone queues and waiting times.

E- Prescriptions


Heydoc’s e-prescription feature saves time, money, and hassle for everyone. Prescriptions can be requested directly by the clinician during an appointment, and immediately sent to one of Heydoc’s integrated pharmacy dispensers. The medication is then delivered straight to the patient’s door, reducing the chances of lost prescriptions and any difficulty patients may face collecting medication in person.

Patient communications

Patient communications

The SMS messaging and integrated CMS platforms greatly improve patient communications and satisfaction. Clinical staff can communicate directly with patients via  SMS messaging, creating a strong feedback loop for tracking patient care.  This is also beneficial to the overall clinic as feedback allows for improvements to be made to the treatment processes.